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Created for cooking on the go, Moja Cooking Kits carry energetic black-and-white branding that easily communicates the nature of each spice in the kit. Each tube of spice relies on patterning rather than color to describe its contents. For example, black pepper is represented abstract peppercorns or perhaps flecks of pepper, while ginger carries wavy lines reminiscent of the curves of a hand of fresh ginger.


Evian has introduced to the Singapore market a label-free bottle that is 100 percent recycled and recyclable. Its branding is molded directly into the plastic of the bottle.


Shweta Harit, Evian global brand vice president, explains that the new branding is tangible proof of the company’s commitment to becoming a circular brand by 2025. “The bottle’s premium design speaks to history’s most environmentally conscious generation. Stripped down to its truest form, the bottle is as pure as the water within it.”


The figure-8 shape of a traditional pastry, kringla, inspired a new logo for a Norwegian bakery. Created by the design firm A Line, the clean curves of the figure-8 are used throughout the client’s new identity, including in theme-appropriate bite marks, animation, and photo frames. The curve is even subtly tucked into the ascender of the “f” in the client’s wordmark.


If the map of Africa shown on Yolélé’s new packaging looks familiar, it’s because the illustration was created by designer Paula Scher, who is well-known for her information-packed map art. Yolélé sells products made in part or wholly from fonio, a cereal grain imported from West Africa.


After Scher’s colorful packaging was introduced to stores, sales of the brand increased 250 percent.


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