Food Identities

• Swiss law dictates that only milk-based products produced entirely in Switzerland can use national symbols in their packaging and marketing. So Toblerone, the mountain-shaped chocolate candy bar that is now produced in Slovakia, will be removing Matterhorn imagery from its identity. It will be replaced with a generic mountain image.

• Sprite, the lemon-lime soft drink owned by the Coca-Cola Company, is further unrolling a new brand identity for the drink on the global market. The can design in particular very much resembles the Coca-Cola can design: its clean, crisp, and devoid of illustrated elements like lemons, limes, or bubbles.

• Too Good To Go is an app that matches up food providers (like grocery stores and restaurants) that have extra food with buyers who can pick up that food at a discounted price. The goal is to reduce food waste. The service has a new logo that handles its long name in a more compact way, facilitating co-branding with partners, and improves its reproducibility.

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