Featured in LogoLounge Book 14: St. John the Beloved and Damjan Coric

Designer Damjan Coric was uniquely suited to create a logo for St.
John the Beloved, a neighborhood Presbyterian church founded in
2022 in Cincinnati, Ohio’s vibrant Over the Rhine district. Not only is
Coric an Orthodox Christian and a heraldry and medieval art

enthusiast, he also has a master’s degree in psychology. All three
aspects informed his design solution.

In his research, the image of an eagle kept popping up. From his
wealth of knowledge, Coric knew that Apostle John is associated with
an eagle because it is a creature that comes from above and, like the
eagle, John saw beyond what was immediately present (many believe
John authored the Bible’s Book of Revelation). Adding other elements,
such as a nimbus behind the animal’s head and a Bible in its claw, as
well as incorporating a woodcut style, clearly explained that this was
a logo for a church, not a commercial enterprise. The logo’s edgy look
was a perfect invitation to extend to the church’s target audience,
urban and young professionals with little to no experience with

Learn more about this unique creative opportunity in LogoLounge
Book 14.

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