Featured in LogoLounge Book 14: Burger Boy, Paloma Nieri Studio, and Surgente Estudio


Creating an identity for Burger Boy, a new burger joint in Lima, Peru,
during a pandemic wasn’t the first dichotomy faced by designers
Paloma Nieri and Andrea Zorrilla Loo. They also had to balance the
idea of a traditional American burger with distinct Asian influences,
and create a sense of nostalgia for a brand-new establishment.

The designers’ solution was creating the weird but cool Burger Boy, a
character who is drawn in a clean, unpretentious, and charmingly
retro style. To make the branding flexible and expandable for future
franchising, they also created a cast of similarly rendered friends and
accessories for Burger Boy. Fun expressions in Japanese characters
tied the restaurant into the culture.

You can learn and see more about the project in LogoLounge Book 14.

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