Fast Food Bites

What to have for dinner has always been the eternal question, but for those who have been doing take-out for months, it has turned into the infernal question. Food fatigue has long since set in. 


Some restaurants are starting to realize their brands and signature foods may be losing their allure due to constant repetition. So they are “unbranding” themselves and still profiting by selling their food through “ghost kitchens.” (Still shot from Wall Street Journal video.)


Smashburger has a new logo courtesy of Partners + Napier, and it truly emphasizes the smash. 

"Using a customized, metal smasher, designed to perfectly fit the patty size, each patty is pressed onto the hot-buttered, seasoned grill to sear for 10 seconds," says Smashburger president Carl Bachmann. He hopes the "smashing" element will someday become a stand-alone icon.

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