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Design firm Public Address has created a vibrant brand identity for plant-based food producer Wholly Veggie. The designers use the “o” in Wholly as a frame or window through which to view the product.

The brand’s palette is inspired by the colors of vegetables. "From the deep red of beets to the warm white of cauliflower, to the bright purple of cabbage, vegetables are way more colorful than they get credit for," states a PA release.

PearlFisher has created the name, packaging, and brand identity for a new cannabis gummy brand called RERUN, based on the brand’s tagline, “Consume responsibly, behave ridiculously.”

The new branding was inspired by street culture: it’s bold, full of sass, and focused on fun, unlike other gummy brands that focus more serious purposes such as better sleep or reduced anxiety.

(For more on PearlFisher’s work with cannabis-product companies, see

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