European Rebrands

• Scottish Cycling has a new brand identity that captures the experience shared by all cyclists: its new logo mimics the pedal stroke that yields the motion, freedom, and sense of well-being that biking enthusiasts enjoy. From racing cyclists to the child trying out her first wheels, everyone pedals.

Created by Edinburgh-based Brand Oath, the logo’s shape leans forward, suggesting forward motion. But the design really shines when animated: it perfectly represents the beat of pedaling a bike.


• Studio Sallali Vaverka has created a new branding plan for Amsterdam Museum. The museum manages, researches, and makes accessible more than 100,000 objects that help citizens understand the birth, growth, and current life of the capital city.


Designer Isabelle Vaverka, in a DesignWeek article, explains that the museum’s brand had become diluted over time. The design team’s inspiration for the new brand was the St. Andrew’s cross, which can be seen on the city’s flag as well as on many other visual touchpoints in Amsterdam.

Each of the four legs of the cross in the new design has a different color. Black, white, oxblood red, and rhodamine red give the brand energy and soul.


The connection of those colors represents the museum’s goal of connecting many different kinds of people in a better understanding of their city. The mark also represents the many different cultures that have helped build the city.

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