Empathy and Authority

Design agency Ragged Edge has created a new name and identity for myLotus, a company whose tech products help people become pregnant. The new name, Mylo, is distinctly less feminine and more non-gender-specific.

This blurb from the Ragged Edge website explains the client’s products and the thinking behind the new brand. “Typical ovulation tests offer a binary result. Mylo’s ovulation tracking technology, on the other hand, is genuinely innovative, and a more useful and nuanced test for people looking to become pregnant. It’s capable of empowering women with detailed knowledge about their bodies. But month after month, when people can often blame their bodies for not falling pregnant, this brand needs to deliver clinical smarts with real emotional intelligence. A brand that can tackle head-on just how trying trying can be.”

The goal behind the redesign is to create an empathetic and human tone, speaking with real knowledge. The logo itself has rough, hand-made edges, and the brand palette is composed of skin tones. The text has the feel of a supportive medical professional who understands how difficult and frustrating getting pregnant can be.



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