DesignStudio Travel Rebrands

• Rail providers Eurostar and Thalys have combined into a single brand to bring high-speed rail travel across five countries: the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany. DesignStudio created a new identity for the new partnership under the Eurostar name. The most intriguing and flexible component of the new identity is a star-flare or spark symbol that spins on its y-axis.

• DesignStudio also rebranded Scott’s Cheap Flights as Going. The new design is based on a globe shape—a natural choice for a travel company. Animated, the globe represents world travel. As a two-dimensional static shape, the half globe forms an arching bridge that links destinations.


In the new wordmark, a looping arrow on the G refers to the company’s reverse booking approach. The arrow also symbolizes exploration and unexpected journeys.

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