Deliciously Branded Treats

•Decem is a “light spirit” company that produces liquor in the 10 percent ABV range. That’s about one-quarter of the alcohol-by-volume of standard spirits.


Design firm Otherway created the branding for and invested in the new company. As displayed on the product bottles, the new brand is inspired by the 10 percent ABV level: an intricate pattern which contains a series of 10 radial points is displayed on one side of the bottle, while 10 natural ingredients are shown on the other side.


• Creative firm Smith+Village has created a rebrand for candy-maker Fudge Kitchen that visually positions it as “the theatre of handmade fudge,” while reworking its extensive packaging system so that it is more sustainable.

Smith+Village CD Debrah Smith explains the new design. “The design was trying to capture the pouring of fudge and swirling and stirring, sprinkling ingredients and decorating with textures. It needed to have that kind of fluidity. We built in this curvy line that goes all the way around the pack and patterns that could be salt crystals or little flavour pops.”

• Made famous in the television series Sex and the City as the dish that Miranda and Carrie dished over, New York City-born Magnolia Bakery cupcakes have since grown into a world-wide brand. JLR has rebranded the bakery to build on its popularity and make it more whimsical, personal, and coherent online.

The new monogram and logo are full of swirls that were inspired by the bakery’s trademarked cupcake swirls. The new brand color was taken from the iconic green of the bakery’s walls; secondary colors grew from the sweet shades of sprinkles and other desserts.

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