Crest Transformation

• Sunderland, a port city in the northeast of England, has a new identity created by Studio Blackburn aimed at giving the city a more modern and authoritative voice locally, nationally, and internationally. Like many older European cities, it had a crest that had outlived its service as an identity element. Studio Blackburn updated the crest to work with the new, very straightforward wordmark. The sextant at the center of the crest has also been extracted for use as a separate icon.

• Founded in 1895, The College of Optometrists is the UK’s professional organization for eye health care practitioners. Recent regulation changes meant that The College was no longer the only body that could certify optometrists, which could have meant a loss of status in the eyes of the public. In truth, the degree of technology and health care skills the organization promotes have never been more important to a largely aging population.

True North created a new identity that transformed The College’s old crest, which had previously been colorized/modernized, back into a more traditional crest. The use of a simple palette of black, white, gold, and silver further defines the classic, trustworthy look.  The rebranding emphasizes the history and prowess that drive the organization, which should inspire patients and health care practitioners alike.

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