Completely Celtic, but Not

According to the National Trust for Scotland website, the “Book of Kells is an illuminated religious manuscript from the medieval period. Written in Latin, it contains the four Gospels of the New Testament and would have been crafted by the Celtic monks in the Columban monastery on Iona, [Scotland] circa 800.” Today, the 13 x 10-inch book is housed, protected, and displayed at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland's oldest university. Its vibrantly illustrated spreads are shown one at a time, with a page turned to a new spread every eight weeks.

Pentagram has created an identity for The Book of Kells Experience, which annually  allows more than a million visitors to view the book in person. The new identity strictly avoids visual Celtic tropes: instead, it was inspired by the turning pages of the book—forming a K—and the flowing lines used by the craftsmen who created the book. The plan’s surprisingly modern color palette was drawn from the colors found in the book’s ancient illustrations.


(You can view all of the pages of The Book of Kells at

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