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Chicago has added a star to its overall identity system, which had been roughly based on its 80-year-old, 4-star city flag. Like many large cities, Chicago has many different departments (29 to be exact), each of which had developed disparate identities over many years. The new identity will bring all of the departments under a single umbrella, which is predicted to save the city anywhere from $5 to $10 million per year.

 As an agency that brings graduates, employers, and universities together, Gradcore is all about starting new journeys. Design office Supple created a new and energetic identity for Gradcore, complete with a bespoke face by FontFabric, that is built on pathways, arrows, twists, and turns.

"The new brand identity is built to flex to suit different audiences—so some iterations use more pattern and bold color, while others are purely typographic. Gradcore has been very brave with the rollout of the identity, forgoing the usual photography of students that their competition favors. The result is a very graphic look which makes them stand out from the crowd.” says Supple design director Phil Skinner in a CreativeBoom article.


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