Brands That Lend a Hand

Relish is a brand that creates themed puzzles and paint sets for people with dementia. In the past, its products were used primarily in care homes to help patients stay engaged and positive. But the company’s management wanted to expand into new markets, including direct-to-consumer for family use and international customers.


ODA rebranded the company to make it more emotional, more positive, and more joyful. Everything from the soft color palette and simple typefaces to the bright photos and repetitive nature of the grid supports these goals. (Photo from Design Week.)


Otta is a new brand that takes a very new approach to connecting job seekers with not just work, but an actual life calling.  While other corporate job platform brands can feel dense and overwhelming, and their application processes have gotten the reputation for being nothing but a numbers game, Otta is emotional and expressive. According to its founder, it allows applicants to share their true selves and dreams.


Ragged Edge created Otta’s new brand. Bold colors and typography give applicants a different way to introduce themselves. The identity is meant to inspire confidence and promote momentum for applicants.

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