Brand Refreshments

British milk brand Tom Parker Creamery has a new identity created by White Bear. Founded in 1921, the Creamery has long enjoyed a reputation for fresh, free-range milk even before the concept was trendy. Now the organization sports new branding based on the motto, “Happy cows. Happy milk.” 

Exuberantly illustrated cows are at the center of the new plan. Their curvy outlines are filled with detailed landscapes that, through color and content, identify each milk flavor. The lushness of the colors and art visually suggests the rich nature of the products.


BrandOpus has given Oscar Mayer a brand update with four distinct components:

1. The Oscar Mayer rhomboid has a new cant that suggests energy and movement. The revised shape is repeated throughout the entire portfolio.

2. Oscar Mayer’s trademark yellow is put to the fore and is now called the brand’s “superpower.”

3. A new custom typeface unifies all products. It has a playful nature that suggests joy and action.

4. The Weinermobile, a beloved Oscar Mayer icon since 1936, now makes an appearance on all packaging.

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