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• A passport might not automatically be thought of a branding tool, but Switzerland’s newly redesigned passport—created by Retinaa SA—is so beautiful and information-rich that it could easily become a point of national pride.


The new design takes the viewer on a virtual tour of the country’s 26 cantons (or districts) through visuals that are enhanced by security elements in the paper, printing, and inks. Both geographical and man-made landmarks are highlighted. Biometric data that needs to be kept private is stored away discreetly, built into the document’s cover. Please take time to watch the video at


• In an increasingly private online world, how will creative teams be able to gather online data and build targeted brands without the help of cookies (which Google has now promised to eliminate by 2024)?


A recent Fast Company article offers some reassurance and suggestions, including the posit that cookies may never have really been necessary in the first place.


From the piece: “Did we ever need all of this data to tell us who our customers are? Is it sufficient and even more authentic to simply know how to reach audiences with specific characteristics and behaviors?”

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