A Shining Light on Benefit

Adam Matthews is an archival resource that provides digitized collections, including historical, artifacts, documents, and photos for higher education study. The company reached out to Limber Brands to help establish itself as the primary source specialist.

The ability to use primary sources gives students the freedom to consider and interpret history for themselves and not rely on the premasticated interpretations of others. Limber designers wanted to bring this super-power benefit to the fore. First, as there is no person named Adam Matthews behind the brand—a fact that had confused the company’s message for years—the name was changed to AW. The new monogram offers a unique visual opportunity: the space between the A and W can be used to project “light” that illuminates visuals from history—a fitting visual metaphor for the client’s service. The interplay between light and dark yellows in the monogram creates a strong internal rhythm that suggests the onward march of history and study.





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