Art Republic Flies a New Flag

Angus Hyland’s team at Pentagram has rebranded Art Republic, an online store that offers affordable limited-edition prints, photography, and pop-related culture items. Making art accessible while championing artists and helping them succeed is what makes Art Republic unique.

The name “Art Republic” as well as the purpose of the organization—to wave and support the flag for art and artists—inspired the flag-shaped logo.

From the Pentagram website. “The new hand-drawn logo features uppercase typography on a flag-inspired symbol with bold black horizontal bars. The standalone ‘AR’ monogram is used for the social media icon and in the roundel, which is designed for blind embossing print editions or certification.

By championing a more accessible and playful approach, [the] new strategy and brand identity are designed to enable Art Republic to bring exciting, inspiring and affordable art to mainstream audiences. This is neatly summed up in the new mantra created for Art Republic, a call to arms for everyone to ‘Rebel against bland interiors’.”

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