A New Guiding Light

The British International Research Institutes are, according to the organization’s website, “global research partners in the arts, humanities and social sciences—discovering new knowledge, promoting cultural heritage and supporting international engagement.” BIRI has a new identity with which to promote that mission, created by the design studio Only.

One of the goals for the new identity was to bring better connectivity among the organization’s institutes and activities in the Mediterranean, the Black Sea and southern Europe, Africa, Turkey, the Middle East, Iran and Central Asia. In doing so, the new identity could not appear to be exerting any British influence.

The solution focuses on unity and equality. From a Design Week article: “The marque [...] is formed from eight points, which refer to the eight founding institutes and form a star in the negative space. Together, these suggest that BIRI is a ‘leading light in the arts, humanities and social sciences,’ according to Only creative director Matthew Tweddle.”


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