A New Day, A New Du

What used to be The DuSable Museum of African American History is now The DuSable Black History Museum and Education Center, or just The Du for short. The change for the Chicago-based institution was made to represent the global connections and cultures of Black people around in the world.

The new moniker also represents a change in vision: to not just record the past, but also to serve as a history-maker.


“While The DuSable is an iconic and historical institution, we're also constantly evolving to reach new audiences here at home and across the world,” said Perri Irmer, president and CEO of The DuSable Museum. “Our new name and new visual identity further reinforce our founder's commitment to preserve and promote Black history, art and culture, and to educate and inform our visitors, especially during these challenging times. This is a tremendous moment for The DuSable – we don't just preserve history, we make it, too."

The theme of solid squares has been carried over from the previous identity, as have some of the colors. But the use of squares has been greatly expanded. Bold, modern patterns emerge from fracturing the logo and other graphics into square shapes. A strong sans serif face supports the more contemporary look.


The “Du” nickname was chosen as a call to action: see the museum, get involved, or create history are all achievable directions.



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