An Entirely Variable Identity

From  Pentagram's London office has created a brand identity for Covariant, a company that has created AI software that allows robots to see, reason, and act according to the world around them, not just perform in a preprogrammed way. The new identity reflects this autonomous nature: identity elements can be changed within certain parameters for specific needs, whether it is a static logo, an Instagram animation, a website graphic, a presentation screen, or whatever. In essence, the identity system’s user can also see, reason, and act according to what is needed at that time.

From the creative agency, Pentagram's website: “The design team built an app for Covariant for creating unique static and moving image assets. The form, speed, complexity and colour of the decision boundary can be altered manually in the app, and then the graphic can be exported in whatever size, length and format is needed for each platform. This leads to an infinite number of possibilities for Covariant, all within the parameters of the new brand identity.

“Both the Covariant wordmark and symbol mimic the curves, twists and flow of the decision boundary —this relationship is echoed in the animated version of the symbol and in the brand typeface, a high contrast geometric grotesque font family, which shares typographic similarities to the custom wordmark. A series of icons were also created, these feature a loop or overlapping lines, echoing the Covariant logos and the decision boundary curves.... The brand assets always appear in the friendly colour palette consisting of four core colours, which are a combination of human (red, pink, light blue), with a more serious and industrial feel conveyed by the petrol blue.”

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