Old vs. New Logo

Johnson Banks used a device many designers use to organize the potential contents of an identity—a simple flow chart—to create a new identity for a charity whose wide range of work might otherwise be difficult to describe. The design firm also transformed the charity’s passive, relatively nondescriptive name—Action for Children—into an active, intriguing slogan—How Action for Children Works.


Bags and shirt

Action for Children is involved in many supports roles for children and families in the UK, including fostering and adoption services, family counseling, short-break residential homes, schools, domestic abuse counseling services, and more. But it was little known and, because of its broad scope, hard to sum up in just a single image or graphic.



The root-and-branch convention gives the charity a chance to share real client problems as well as possible outcomes. Further, the scenarios show how the organization is able to break negative cycles and offer more positive directions.

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