A Living Patchwork

An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is one of 38 areas of countryside in England, Wales, or Northern Ireland that have been designated for conservation due to their significant landscape value. In November 2023, design firm Nice and Serious rebranded the organization and gave it a new name, National Landscapes.


Nice and Serious designers discovered in their research that although a majority of the UK population lived within a 30-minute drive of a National Landscape site, awareness of those sites was less that 50 percent. The new branding had to raise awareness and inspire people to visit and engage with the sites.


The new identity that the designers created is multi-level: each of the 38 designees has its own identity that together form the organization’s identity. Viewed as a group, the 38 patch-like logos form “a living patchwork, where each square is as essential and unique as each of us,” explains Nice and Serious creative director Peter Larkin.



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