A Flame Kindled

I’ve been told that our olfactory sense of smell can trigger forgotten memories and send them rushing back in an unexpected rich spectrum. This morning a LogoLounge member, Mike Hirons, tweeted a video that grabbed me by the gut and rocked me right back to the beginning of my own design career.


Mike is a hell of a designer and owner of Blue Deer Design in the UK. He also had the first of his logos selected by the LogoLounge panel of judges to debut in the freshly minted Book 10. Mike crafted a video of himself opening the wrapped book and seeing his work on the printed page of a collection that lauds only the most exceptional of work.

For any designer who’s ever skilled and fortunate enough to have their work selected for publication, Mike’s facial expressions and pride will happily jolt you back to that moment. It is that adrenalin high that will bolster and sustain a career. It’s reaching a goal that others aspire to and knowing your logo rests at a bar with the stellar works of exalted peers.

For those that have not had the chance to submit or those that have but continue to strive for the notification that their work was CHOSEN, this is it. This is the goose-bump rush every one of us unabashedly feels when our work is showcased in print for future clients and generations to admire.

Mike, thank you for innocently reminding us all just how significant this moment is and allowing LogoLounge to be a part of it. Congrats!

To view Mark Hirons’ video, please click here.

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