A Brand Adjustment

Uber has transformed from being simply a ride-request service to today thriving as a “full mobility brand” that includes food delivery, freight transport, and even AI research. Jones Knowles Ritchie took on the challenge of updating Uber’s identity so that it reflected this growth.


The design agency decided that an adjustment rather than a rebrand was best. JKR’s chief creative officer Tosh Hall explains. “Our job was to evolve [the brand] to reflect the business that Uber is today.... To do that, we had to find what was distinctive to them. So we looked at the journey map and found the original graphic language: the circle, the line and the square. Then we brought it to life, designing a flexible system that could grow and change with their own expansion.”

The refreshed identity maintains Uber’s core black-and-white identity but now also uses color to identify other branches such as Uber Eats. The circle, line and square, combined with storytelling photography, help the consumer understand the different journeys that Uber can enable today.



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