IIttalas New Identity

Iittala’s roots go back to 1881 when a glass factory was established in Iittala, Finland. The company was later moved to Sweden, where it became known for pushing the boundaries of glass-making that provided both beauty and function.

To keep pace with newer and ever-more “disruptive” glass designs, the company now has introduced a new logo.

From the company website: “The inspiration for the new logo draws from historical versions, particularly the 1892 Iittala logo. The combined ‘T’ letters in the logo form a ligature that has historical roots in Iittala's past as well, and the inclusion of the establishment year, 1881, pays homage to the brand's rich history and glassmaking traditions.”

There’s no word if the company’s very familiar sticker/stamp—a squared off lowercase “i” enclosed in a red circle—will continue to be used to mark products.



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