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A New Look for Schlotzsky's

The beloved sandwich chain has been given a new identity design in time for its fortieth anniversary. Created by Atlanta-based Back Lot Productions, Inc., the first "Lotz Better" prototype launched in 2010 in Waco, Texas, and was so well received that the company has taken it to all of its existing 350 restaurants around the world. The design team focused on the perfectly round bun for which Schlotzsky's in famous and incorporated the circle concept in the new logo.


Robby C.
Their slogan “lotz better” is a nice play off the middle of the company name. That being said, I wonder why they only highlighted the O, and with such a strong primary red. It’s the most dominate element for no real reason.
October 23, 6:41 PM
Well, I like what they did with the registered trademark, but everything else? meh...
October 20, 10:54 AM
Dora B.
Nice! I really like the new look, great colors, and now I want to go and check it out. I've never been to a Schlotzky's Deli.
October 19, 2:58 PM
If the "o" on the brand name was white in stead of red, it would allow the viewer to appreciate the other details of the mark, instead of drowning them out.
October 18, 10:08 AM