American Airlines Flies Free on

American Airlines Flies Free

American Airlines has released the first major update to its corporate identity in more than forty years. The previous design, created by Massimo Vignelli in 1967, will be replaced with a new streamlined logo and livery featuring the stripes of the American flag, all developed by Futurebrand. The identity will begin rolling out across AA’s airports, its aircraft exteriors and interior cabin designs, as well as uniforms, digital platforms, and print communications.

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and how is that logo supposed to work in one color? amatuers
February 4, 1:21 PM
My point actually is that brand perceptions developed based upon the company's essential truths are felt at a GUT LEVEL by the consumer. This may have been crafted to elicit a specific gut feeling that we are not aware of. Designer's can pick it apart all they want but it is crafted well and elicits a very clear persona to me. Everyone's a critic. I say well done.
January 25, 3:44 PM
If the brand has a good brand strategy than the visual result will be awesome. Consumer don't give a crap about all of work behind the scene - they see the visual and that is it. This isn't great - looks like plenty of other logos - but yes this company did make that disaster or a logo for the 2012 olympic games, so I am not sure why companies use them.
January 24, 6:02 PM
Please remember that there is a huge difference between branding and brand identity. It is hard to judge a brand identity based upon visual preferences only. We have no idea what brand perceptions were developed for the company and why, so judging it only on visual merits seems 'flip' at minimum. However, I must is crafted well and designed well. I am curious to those who find it so offensive — what is so bothersome? Very curious. I for one believe ALL messaging should come from brand strategy and have a difficult time judging without this knowledge.
January 24, 4:34 PM
While I don't like that the logo looks like 3D glasses, and i also dislike the tail design, I can't say it's horrible. I wasn't there when the brief was written, or at any step in the process. So, fellas, we weren't there, we don't know what went on behind the scenes, we don't know who wanted what and who demanded what.
January 23, 2:28 PM
My guess is It's only for about a year or so and then American will be taken over by US Air. Only question is, did they pre-think how the two brands will visually merge. Given the current US flag graphic US Air currently has, I can see them utilizing the flag approach on this new branding.
January 22, 8:27 PM
Is it really that bad? I think it's really nice looking, I don't get why there is such a disdain for it.
January 22, 7:48 PM
Daniel Buck
January 22, 3:01 PM
Jeff Halmos
People don't listen to free advice. (This axiom is scalable.)
January 22, 9:19 AM
FutureBrand may sell themselves as branding experts, but they've got to have some of the best PR and marketing people in the world working there because their work is pure crap! How they continue to get these big name clients is beyond me. It's distorting the public's view of what a great visual identity can and should be, and is setting our profession back by 50 years. It's going to take a long time to undo what they, and other so-called "branding" agencies, are doing which is polluting our visual world with work that would make Paul Rand, Saul Bass, and Lester Bealle roll over in their graves!
January 22, 4:10 AM