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The international IT solutions company Mindtree has an impressively different new logo, designed by Siegel + Gale. The icon depicts threads weaving together, to represent the meeting of minds and technology, and it has been given a pleasing color scheme. Siegel + Gale brought in a new tagline as well: Welcome to humanity.


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Good Post......
October 25, 1:08 AM
It's nice and a fantastic improvement. How fun designing a logo with such a cool name!!
October 9, 2:09 AM
A lot better! The old one looks like a PLA/China communist flag from far away and the new colors are very modern and fitting even if it maybe aint the most creative or original look.
October 8, 6:04 AM
Inventive? I don't think so. This look is so tired and I could slap this on just about any tech/consulting/IT company.
October 5, 5:33 PM
Success! I think it's a huge improvement. Creative mark that is new and inventive. More readable typeface. All around a great new brand image.
October 5, 12:44 PM