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Progress Energy Logo

Duke Energy has merged with Progress Energy and will launch a new corporate identity in spring 2013. The logo for the electric company was unveiled this week, combining a nod to the Progress Energy logo with a change in color palette.


Obviously this is an fine example of corporate brand downgrading.
December 6, 8:43 AM
No, its not groundbreaking, and I'm not a fan of the font usage. But I think its clean (as I'm sure the energy is), and I like the way that they were able to incorporate a lower case d and e into the symbol. If you can see that, I think it makes it memorable.
November 17, 11:03 PM
I really do not un derstand what's the meaning of new logo. I think it is not creative, becaouse you could find similar logo all over the world.
November 4, 10:37 PM
So amateur!!! Symbol = bad, Font = dated, UPPERCASE I mean REALLY??? The old one is better than this and that isn't saying much.
October 9, 2:12 AM
This is the old Commerce One logo.
September 26, 11:41 AM
Rick Carlson
It was designed in-house and it looks it.
September 25, 2:15 PM
Obvious push of green energy. I wonder how much hydroelectric power Duke creates?
September 24, 8:13 AM