Microsoft Logo Takes Over on

Microsoft Logo Takes Over

The new Microsoft logo, its first revision in twenty-five years, has caused quite a stir for being so understated. The updated look comes in advance of a wave of product releases and will aim to unify them. |

Stagnant and void of personality, just like the company.
January 22, 12:33 AM
Probably the same company designed it that did that great job on the Gap logo a year or so ago. Wonder how much that cost them?
September 12, 11:43 PM
I feel like the old wordmark had more originality, and could be easily transferred to a more "modern feel". The new logo also feels super rushed out in comparison to everything else, such as the new outlook logo
September 7, 7:43 PM
Microsoft this logo is perfect yes in terms of design etiquette might cause a little stir, but if you think about it this is a perfect example of a logo going up against the "Test of Time."
August 31, 3:53 PM
It sums up this company perfectly. Boring, unoriginal, behind the curve. I've seen it referred to as "more confident" by writers I respect but I just don't see that. Looks like student work that is utterly forgettable to me.
August 30, 5:16 AM
Really? Really? Need I say more...
August 29, 10:57 AM