Nike Designer and the Game of Thrones on

Nike Designer and the Game of Thrones

Top Nike brand designer Darrin Crescenzi has created a world of strong design pieces based on George R.R. Martin's series Game of Thrones. Each ruling house in the book has a sigil that distinguishes it from the others, much like a logo or brand identity embodies a company's core attributes today. Crescenzi crafted new icons for the Game of Thrones houses, bridging the world of imagination with that of modern-day business sense.

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October 18, 3:10 PM
Rod Burkholz
K, the logos themselves aren't bad and they follow a uniform style, which is kinda cool, but the biggest point that these logos are not hitting the mark? Game of thrones, although a fictional story, takes place in a time similar to the middle ages. All the costumes fit that look, all the sets, the hair, the people, the lands, the castles, ...well, you get the point. These marks are all modern, clearly designed with the use of a computer and Adobe Illustrator, which they had neither in that setting. They hadn't even refined gasoline yet. So explain to me why they don't look like authentic, middle ages-style coats of armor? It is a huge stylistic mistake. So, while they look ok, they miss the mark, big time.
October 5, 12:54 PM
Nice work, but he might run into copyright issues, since he is selling these, but doesn't have permission from the author.
September 13, 10:45 AM