France's NT1 on

France's NT1

First NT1 Logo

A new logo for the French national television channel NT1 has been created by Naked. The icon was given a more spherical quality compared to the previous logo, as well as a main color yellow and other hues customized for different series.

Jeff Halmos
Why didn't they at least curve the top right of the N to connect to the T? They could have cheated the width of the N to make up for the added length.
September 14, 8:13 AM
It's awkward. It isn't a sphere, but mor like a hockey puck with one edge that turns up... or down. The NT1 isn't centered left to right, but isn't near enough the right edge to be clear that it is supposed to be off center. A polished turd.
September 13, 10:48 AM