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eBay Cleans Up Its Logo

eBay's new logo promises a cleaner, more contemporary and consistent experience. Designed by US-based Lippincott, the word mark steers away from the previous auction-style identity and expresses the fact that eBay has innovated to make buying and selling an easier and more enjoyable experience.


I think this is a BAD logo. Generic. Can't believe they paid the big bucks to design this baby. Not impressive at all. Bad update. I'm disappointed.
October 24, 12:28 PM
I am a eBay Powerseller and I hated it when I first saw it and I still don't like it. Way to plain to jazz up the company. What was that designer thinking of besides his not earned pay check??
October 16, 1:36 PM
really? i trust they didn't pay someone for this.
October 15, 9:39 PM
The design is attractive but no attention on text finesses and any change like Google updates its logo with same test pattern but simple refine in fonts and makes it more apparent .
October 4, 6:08 PM
It looks like budgets are tight everywhere. Did they get their designer on ebay?
October 3, 11:00 AM
It's more modern...but that's about it. Where was the fun in searching for what you love?!
September 30, 5:38 AM
I hate it. It shows how the company has changed focus to large businesses and siding with the buyers at the expense of the regular member sellers.
September 29, 12:32 AM
aww dee phun is gone :(
September 20, 6:24 PM
Jeff Halmos
Jim Clark of SGI/Netscape fame said he loves the excitement of starting companies but leave before they start pouring the concrete. With this rebrand, ebay has begun pouring the concrete.
September 20, 9:52 AM
BORING ebay is supposed to be FUN! This looks like the first draft the designer would of done back when it was first design then went I know lets jazz it up... Why are all these companies going to corporate and boring..??
September 19, 3:24 AM
I don't like......................................;
September 17, 12:42 PM
Is it just me or new logos really get bland and minimalistic? There is a usage for this style but it doesn't fit ebay that much imo. Like Josh said - all the fun's gone.
September 17, 7:54 AM
I'm yawning as I write this.
September 17, 1:18 AM
Hmm...looks like a deparment store logo. At the very least, they could have kept a fun element. Now all the fun's gone.
September 15, 5:13 PM