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Minnesota Hearts Bikes

Minneapolis ad agency Colle+McVoy invented a playful identity for Pedal Minnesota, the state's bike-friendly campaign to make cycling a more common way of getting from place to place. The agency also created a Web platform that provides Smartphone-accessible maps of the state’s bike routes.


Love. Clever, clean, simplistic. Very successful mark. Two thumbs up from me!
October 24, 12:30 PM
Jonathan D
I can visualize the research / sketching stage; sketch after sketch after sketch until the form took shape in just the way the designer was looking for. This mark reminds me why it really pays off to take the time and go through all of those important steps in the design process.
August 2, 10:55 AM
Looks good. Nice and clean, with a contemporary color scheme.
August 1, 4:56 PM