Windows Phone—No Big Surprise on

Windows Phone—No Big Surprise

In its website announcing the Build 2012 developer conference, Microsoft revealed the new Windows Phone logo. The look is no surprise, as it reiterates the Windows 8 rebranding, but the design now takes its official place online, along with the other Microsoft product logos.

Claire Scott
Perhaps there's a beautiful, ironic point to this – that somehow it looks like it was knocked together in Microsoft Word in about 5 minutes ;)
August 15, 10:19 AM
Andreas Karl
Less is ... not always ... more.
August 15, 2:29 AM
Wow.... no wonder why Windows products has been on the decline... they don't bring in creative people to be innovative in their product, application, and nor their logo designs. SAD.
August 14, 5:36 PM
It's inoffensive graphically, and more contemporary due to its flatness, but conceptually, Microsoft is saying that their desktop OS, their mobile OS, and their cloud computing platform (Azure) are one in the same. That's either brilliant or stupid. History being any indication...
August 14, 2:21 PM