Cancer Research UK Repositions on

Cancer Research UK Repositions

Cancer Research UK, the largest charity supporting cancer research in the world, has been given a completely new brand identity and positioning in the hopes of increasing fundraising. Interbrand redesigned the brand originally created by Enterprise IG in 2002. The first logo was mistakenly viewed as a wayfinding arrow at events and had other practical issues. The new "C" mark is made up of different-sized dots that can accumulate when animated as well as be replaced by various icons to enhance messaging.

An Idea
gr8 work. the new logo is very inspirational.
August 26, 2:24 PM
Dawid Tuminski
i'm wondering how this logo would look in a really smal version. Fits the 2012 trends using disintegration idea, but disintegration for cancer research?
August 20, 6:06 AM
Composing the 'C' in cancer as a collection of little dots seems like a bad move. My first thought is a collection of tumors...
August 15, 1:57 PM
Hasn't this already been done... i mean exactly done, not that it looks similar to another, I mean EXACTLY.
August 14, 5:34 PM
It's pretty. Pretty cancer. Though, I would image we'd want the dots to dissipate, rather than coagulate. It's 50/50 as to whether one sees the dots leaving the C or coming towards it to define it.
August 14, 2:25 PM