Co.opmart's New Look on

Co.opmart's New Look

Landor in Hong Kong has revamped the brand identity of Co.opmart, a large Vietnamese supermarket chain. Discarding the red-and-blue color scheme, Landor softened the store's look in terms of color and font, incorporating a new icon that simultaneously forms the word "coop" and a heart shape.

The important part is you can now read it.
October 22, 9:13 AM
holy font disaster! The original is surely a store for buying Halloween supplies? I do like the friendliness of the new, but can't help seeing the GooglePlaces pointer, and yes, more than a little Bahama's logo. I guess there's nothing totally new under the sun, eh? But a vast improvement.
July 20, 1:06 PM
Jesus, the old logo looks like a place meant to terrify people. There are certainly more than a few nods, intentional or otherwise, with the new design to Fallon Worldwide's Bahama's logo.
July 13, 11:58 PM
Well it's a big improvement for sure ;)
July 11, 10:45 AM