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The 2012 Logo

This article looks at the five-year history of the London 2012 Olympics logo designed by Wolff Olins and the icon's relationship to the overall branding program that is just now completing.

Christopher Scott
In branding, abstraction works when it references universally recognized ideas, places or objects. Simply taking the year the olympics occur in and making it geometric to the point of illegibility is not, actually, an abstraction but a distraction. The only thing worse in the cannon of British design than this is the incessant revival of Neoclassical architecture everywhere.
August 10, 12:28 PM
Bad design, good design... I don't know. But it fails to communicate the true sensations of the Olympics. At the end, emotion matters!
August 7, 11:27 AM
Andreas Karl
Hope the London Olympics will soon come to an end. Can't stand this anymore. The second graphic desaster coming from a british design agency after Whitestone's ridiculous logo for the Soccer World Championships 2006 in Germany.
August 3, 12:25 PM
Jeff Halmos
Hard to find any official rationale on the design. Some say it’s a graphic representation of the four countries that make up Britain. A few suggest it spells out “Zion,” which is why the extra “dot” exists. It’s unbalanced, clunky, and primitive, looking like the “rock” creature in Galaxy Quest. Quite possibly all reasons why it was chosen. I suppose one could suggest, and then hope, that in the five years since its launch, that the public would finally appreciate and understand its aesthetic. That hasn’t happened. In the end, it has no British/London feel, other than a punkish vibe that the Olympics have never exuded, and is quite the antithesis of the honorable, respectful vibe the Olympics have always tied to give off. It could also be argued I suppose that it represents the quirky nature of the city and it’s history, just as the opening ceremonies successfully did.
August 1, 5:48 PM
Ha. I think it's very telling about most of those who make comments and critique logo designs on this site show their inexperience and lack of knowledge about design by their brief, blunt, empty comments lacking insight as to why it is a "bad design". Love this one too, "I dont know, but I for me is the logo so ugly" At least that one is honest and admits they don't know why it's ugly. Whether you think the logos are ugly, bad, or good, try to use your brain when you make comments and offer insights as to WHY:)
July 31, 11:11 AM
Steven Hsieh
I don't know what you guys are talking about. It's awesome.
July 27, 2:48 PM
I am not impressed with this logo but I am impressed that Wolff managed to get away from the typical cliché looking Olympics logos.
July 27, 11:19 AM
bad design
July 26, 3:40 PM
I dont know, but I for me is the logo so ugly
July 26, 3:33 PM