The Rolling Stones at 50 on

The Rolling Stones at 50

First appearing on the 1971 Sticky Fingers cover, the Rolling Stones "tongue" has stood for the band's anti-authoritarian sensibilities for decades. Mick Jagger commissioned the original logo from Royal College of Art student John Pasche, and now, in honor of the band's fiftieth anniversary, he has commissioned an update from artist Shepard Fairey, of Andre the Giant fame.

Not one of Shepard Fairey's better outings. Definitely some horrid type decisions, and spelling out "fifty years" seems completely unnecessary unless the intended audience has been living under a rock for several decades.
July 14, 12:5 AM
David Gollop
10 years ago I worked on Forty Licks and got to actually got to met the Stones (apart from Mick). You got the feeling that they had literally seen ever version of the same logo over the last 40 years. But they where great engaging, down to earth and just really cool.
July 11, 1:41 AM
I agree with Kevin. The type on this is atrocious.
July 10, 11:55 AM
A missed opportunity I think. The differing type styles look jumbled to me and the play on '50' in the 'Stones' is only just working. This update doesn't do the band or the original logo any justice.
July 7, 12:52 PM
Looks good, very nice job.
July 6, 10:56 AM