San Fran's New MTA Logo on

San Fran's New MTA Logo

A new logo for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has been born, created by Paul Miller of Method Design in the city. The logo won the contest put on by Mayor Ed Lee's program ImproveSF, which aims to better government by collaborating with the city's creative community. Miller describes the design as an "identity that leverages the concept of paths. Whether they are via foot, bike, car, or train, these paths are connected or woven."

This is simply an istock icon, NOT an original design. In fact, the site terms specifically prohibit using illustrations for logos. Oops.
June 29, 4:33 PM
Prestor John
@B The contest site says, the 'prize' is your logo everywhere. How pathetic.
June 29, 5:29 AM
how much did he win?
June 25, 3:12 AM
Prestor John
Yet another crowdsourcing hack. When will the design community take a meaningful stance against such reckless nonsense. This practice is growing in frequency and will inevitably collapse the industry as we know it today.
June 23, 8:24 PM
Fantastic logo design. Looking so excellent logo. Thanks a lot for sharing !!
June 23, 1:26 AM
This logo was shown on another website where it came out that the logo is a very close swipe of a web design firm's logo. It's also the result of a "design contest", which is just awful. I hope SFMTA gets sued.
June 22, 1:34 PM