UAL in Black and White on

UAL in Black and White

Dominic Lippa of Pentagram created a new black-and-white identity for the University of the Arts London. A simple and clean lowercase Helvetica is used along with an oversized colon to visually divide the UAL acronym from the individual college name. The logo is designed to represent the greater university while still giving the individual colleges an opportunity to distinguish themselves.

I love the discipline and restraint in designing. Beautiful!
August 11, 4:20 PM
jack from milan
Unfortunately very often great design studios come out with poor logos, resulting from surely deep thounghts and insights that, yet, forget the main point of a logo: tell a story. The problem is noone has the courage to tell them: sorry guys I'm not paying for this boredom! Besides that to me Helvetica has quite finished its time as a typo-only logo font.
July 21, 7:22 PM
Total crap. I'd love to see the brief on this one: make UAL as uninteresting, uninviting, un-colorful and uncreative as possible. Perhaps Pentagram was inspired by the National Park's Service identity system, which screams, of all things, design by bureaucracy.
July 14, 12:18 AM
CDM@ cre8tiv thinkng
Really?! I don't get it.
July 6, 11:18 AM
Come on guys. You must really be short of content if this kind of bland work makes the news page on Logo Lounge. Must have taken Lippa at least six minutes to come up with this one.
June 26, 11:48 AM
haha awesome comment!! how boring is that for a "arts" : logo
June 25, 3:11 AM
In addition to using one, this looks like it came out of an oversized colon.
June 22, 4:02 PM