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The Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas will open in early 2013 but a new website and logo have already been created to pave the way for the institution. Pentagram designer DJ Stout not only made the "o" in Perot a globe but also placed it in large red brackets, which play into the museum's website. |

looks very weak :(
July 16, 1:59 AM
Truly amateur and awful. I would not allow a student to turn this in as their final exploration. In a word, sucks.
July 11, 2:43 PM
Nice logo like logo
July 9, 10:53 PM
Michelle Myers
What? Pert world? Pert earth? Earth pert? World pert? Perfect?....Oh! Perot, of course, why wouldn't I know that already?!
July 9, 4:36 AM
Even with using the brackets throughout their branding, this is still WAY BELOW the quality one comes to expect from Pentagram. If I did the same thing now or even while I was in school, I would be highly criticise for the mark and identity. That's my 2ยข
July 2, 12:30 PM
Troy Tabor
Without giving my opinion on the likability / usability of the logo, seeing the entire use of the logo helps it to make more sense.
July 2, 12:10 PM
@Troy Tabor - I'm not sure what your point is? Are you saying it's a great logo cause they integrated the brackets everywhere?
July 2, 11:47 AM
Troy Tabor
Everyone should certainly check out the website link. The logo brackets are integrated everywhere.
July 2, 11:38 AM
What's happening at Pentagram? I've always regarded them as THE design group but lately they've been turning out some pretty poor logo work: firstly we had the new Windows logo, which looks like a flag even though it's supposed to replace one; then there's the uninspired uca logo and now's terrible. Come on guys, where's the brilliance gone?
July 2, 9:15 AM
Dreadful. No further explanation required.
July 2, 7:30 AM
Even though this came from Pentagram and DJ Stout, not a fan of this logo at all. If anyone else created this, they would get hammered for it.
June 28, 3:41 PM