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Twitter is the Bird

Twitter Logo, New

Twitter is the Bird

Twitter has dropped the lowercase "t" and simplified its bird icon of six years to uncage its new logo, an updated Twitter bird. The design was created from three sets of overlapping circles, instilling the themes of connection and intersection generated by social networks.

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nice update, looks livelier that way it'd be better if they keep the hair on its head, it looks cuter that way ;)
October 20, 9:48 AM
Rascal Burgher
I still like the charm of the original logo better.
June 25, 3:54 PM
ear{ SPACE }ear
When they came out their cartoony bird [btw: read the feathers on the top of the head] style set them a part on the web. Feel they have lost a bit of that character and have gone big corporation simple. I don’t think it’s a crime as the “Wow that must have been a great sale pitch” job as say the refresh of the GE refresh years ago, where a small curve was changed. I appreciate the ‘3’ references and the adjustments in the new one, but for me maybe something in between? FYI you may need to update this site’s buttons
June 14, 8:36 PM
Jerry Kuyper
Geometry aside, the original logo was confusing- is that the second wing or a bad comb over? This version is amore clearly defined bird.
June 11, 7:13 PM
I can't believe I didn't know about the bird. It seems *everybody* knew that it was the word.
June 10, 10:44 AM
Ney Pimentel
Great re-brand! Logo gives off a sense of confidence, almost looks like the bird has his chest puffed out.. Love that is flying upward and not straight..  I put a lot of thoughts and energy into my logo designs (something that has evolved later in my career) and numerology and symbolism plays a big role and the fact that it was created from the # 3 and 3  circles means a lot, (#3 means personal completeness and a circle means unity, infinity among other meanings).. It feels powerful and gives off a positive energy yet subtle enough that most people won't notice unless it's pointed out (but subconsciously the message is there).. You also have to have an understanding of body language to see how a few simple changes can change the entire vibe (beak, wing, and chest)..   GREAT WORK!!!
June 9, 12:45 PM
This may be an example of how character is lost from a design when it becomes too geometric. Also, it's unfortunate that the new mark scales down poorly.
June 8, 10:16 AM