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M Is for Mohawk

The M in Mohawk's new logo, designed by Pentagram, not only signifies the company name but represents the acts of papermaking and printing as well. In both processes, paper moves around cylinders, which appear in the identity system as solid circles in pleasing colors. Connecting these circles are sheer tubes of color or white (in the black-and-white version), both the paper moving through the machine and a symbol of connection and communication, which paper helps to facilitate. The 81-year-old company wanted to reintroduce itself to the digital communications world of today.

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Trick Pony
I also prefer the lower middle multi-colored logo, although it does feel a bit like the Altria logo.
June 25, 4:02 PM
Jeffrey M
It's a great logo any way you slice it, but I agree with the previous post that the multicolored version looks the best. Kudos to Pentagram.
May 7, 7:03 PM
The three on the top send the wrong message; I see at first glance beams from spot lights or the motion of air hockey pucks. The multicolored one works for me though. Maybe it's because it invokes the thought of ink along with the intended shape of rollers.
April 26, 3:32 PM