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Quaker Oats Trims Down

The jovial, white-haired man on every Quaker Oats package has been given a more healthful physique. He will no longer appear with a double chin, but instead wear broader shoulders and a less fluffy hairdo. The 134-year-old brand wants consumers to link Quaker Oats products to "energy and healthy choices," says Quaker's chief marketing officer, Justin Lambeth. He is still just as smiley as ever.


Chubby Chunker
Subtle improvements are best. People inside of organizations can often get sick of a logo or icon long before the public and major changes can confuse consumers and destroy sales... Anyone remember the Tropicana orange juice blowup?
June 25, 4:07 PM
I don't see much of a difference. I don't think people focus or notice his weight loss. However the saturated colors and the contrast between red and blue is attractive.
April 16, 12:21 PM