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New identity for Long John Silvers

Old identity

New identity

The fast food seafood chain Long John Silvers is rolling out a new identity and logo in time for Lent at its 1,100 restaurants worldwide. Its new website will go live on February 14.

The new logo is cleaner, more modern, and loses some of the cartoonish personality of the old brand, using its traditional blue and yellow colors in a much less garish way. The effort seems to be toward upgrading the brand and customer experience, appropriate at a time when the chain and its sister brand, A&W restaurants, are up for sale by their parent company, Yum Brands.

I think it's an improvement, but that's not hard to do considering how horrible their previous cartoonish logo was. Of course neither comes close to the original pirate map logo and decor they once had. Remember when the restaurants had piers and ropes around them and walking inside was like boarding a sailing vessel? I'm glad I had a chance to experience that as a kid.
June 21, 11:35 AM
Looks like soap and deodorant packaging. I bet I would smell good using it.
February 16, 6:57 PM
The new identity lacks personality, there's nothing memorable or emotional about it. The packaging is too industrial looking. I suggest they consider a shift in brand colors as well, the old logo looks like a kids fun zone kind of place, and the new one looks like a label you might find on clothing tags.
February 12, 8:45 AM
It appears like they are trying to refine the identity and move in an upscale direction. It will be interesting to see consumers reaction.
February 11, 1:59 PM