Doodled do

Old Logo

New Identity

Lippincott has created a new brand strategy and identity for Viking, Office Depot's brand for small and medium businesses in Europe. It has a Pushpin-meets-Ikea sort of feel, and it's definitely a fresher look for the company.

From Lippincott literature: "The challenge of translating this new strategy and way of thinking about 'people', rather than products, was reinforced through an evaluation and overhaul of the customer experience, so that the experience matched the promise.  Finding ways to add value through better navigation, more guidance and advice, along with a clearer shopping experience was key.  The creation of a new identity and visual system started this process and represents the visual expression of a more personal approach to customers and their issues.  The spirit of the design system is captured by the use of 'doodles', an activity people associate with office life. The doodles appear across the customer experience, on packaging and marketing materials, with a particular emphasis on the catalogue and on-line experience.  Here the customer is highlighted, using products in everyday situations and communications solutions rather than lists of products.  Like magazines, the catalogues carry content such as 'all you need guides' and advice on buying big ticket items like copiers, shredders and furniture.  This moves the Viking experience away from thinking about products and into the office world by providing advice and solutions, truly bringing the promise of the renewed brand to life beyond the visual application.  The new identity launched in May 2011, with a mailing of over 30 million new catalogues for customers in the UK & Ireland, shortly followed by Germany and other key European markets.  It also featured a nationwide TV campaign, a first for the business."